Hi! Our baking crew has been working again, today they have prepared a very healthy recipe, watch the video to know more!

The Baking Crew is here to show you how to make a cake! Ready?

Hello again!! Here we are with our cooking show! Do you want to learn how to make a cake? Then watch the video!

Today in the workshop we have made some nice Rudolphs!

Merry Christmas! Look what a nice clapping game we've learnt!Can you do it super fast?

Good morning! See what we've learnt about animals during the last term!! 

Hello again! Here we are with another cooking session! This time we have prepared fruit purees! We hope you like the recipe, it is fantastic for any time of the year!

Good afternoon! Today we've been cooking,do you want to see what?

This year our 4th level students will be in contact with children from other countries,that is why they have prepared these videos to introduce themselves. Enjoy them! 


4A students preparing their self introductions for Etwinning!! 


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